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It could be a financial blow, a divorce, a lost job or a health diagnosis. God is in the business of fresh starts, new beginnings and resurrected dreams. No matter what the setback – you can have a comeback.

"God is in the business of fresh starts, new beginnings and resurrected dreams. He has a comeback prepared for you. You can experience a powerful turnaround in your life. Your present situation is not the final word on your life."  


In his new book Rick McDaniel will show you strategies, inspire you with stories and guide you step by step into your comeback. You will be motivated like never before to move forward in your life. If you are ready for a new story, fresh hope and renewed passion for life then welcome to your comeback!


  • “Rick McDaniel understands what it takes to have a comeback. In this amazing new book he helps us find the right skills, tools and attitude to turn our lives around. His practical advice will help you get ready for your comeback.”

    Tim Storey
    Author/Speaker/Life Coach
  • “In his new book Rick McDaniel doesn’t only teach the techniques of turning things around, he shows the importance of a right heart behind it. No matter where you find yourself in life, you will experience setbacks. Allow Rick to give you the tools needed to turn them into comebacks.”

    Rob Ketterling
    Lead Pastor | River Valley Church | Author
  • “Rick McDaniel is a great writer who has written a powerful book. This book has encouraged me to pull myself together, gather my strength and continue to pursue my calling. Prepare to be strengthened and encouraged.”

    Harry R. Jackson Jr.
    Bishop, International Communion of Evangelical Churches

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